Helpful Tips

  • Visa Requirements

    Visitors coming to New Zealand for less than three months generally do not require a visa (this does not apply to all countries).  For full details refer to the New Zealand Immigration website

  • Travel Insurance

    We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance when booking your holiday.

  • Safety

    New Zealand is a relatively safe travel destination but we are not crime free. It is important you take the same precautions to look after yourself and your possessions as you would at home.  For example, do not leave valuables, maps, luggage, GPS devices or visitor brochures visible in parked cars, especially when visiting scenic spots or trail heads.

    The sun in New Zealand can be very strong with a high UV.  It is highly recommended that you wear sun protection (sunscreen and hat) to prevent sunburn.

  • Golf Equipment

    New Zealand has strict biosecurity controls.  We recommend golf equipment (including golf shoes) is thoroughly cleaned and readily available for inspection when you enter New Zealand.

  • Gratuities

    Tipping in New Zealand is not customary.  However, for exceptional service a tip is always appreciated.

Please also refer to the notes in Planning your itinerary