Most visitors are looking for something slightly different from their holiday and to work from a standard itinerary involves compromise.  For this reason we customise itineraries to individual needs and take account of numerous considerations such as: accommodation type and location; golf course style; time spent driving; length of stay at each destination; any preferred type of scenery; other activities you may wish to include in your holiday.  The following information may be of assistance:
  • Weather

    New Zealand has a temperate climate with sharp regional constrasts.  Golf is played throughout the year although we would generally recommend avoiding June to September from a golfing perspective.  That is not to say you cannot travel to New Zealand for golf at that time as you can experience some good weather and conversely you can experience bad weather at other times of year.

  • Driving

    New Zealand is over 250,000 square kilometres in size which is larger than the UK.  With a population of only 4.6 million, whilst it has a good road network there are not extensive motorways or freeways so more time has to be allowed in getting to destinations compared to driving in some other countries.  Often a holiday can be more enjoyable and relaxing by covering a few areas well rather than trying to cram everything into a short space of time.  Many visitors are planning a return trip to New Zealand even before they have finished their first one.

  • Domestic Flights

    It is not always possible to fly direct between destinations of your choice and in some instances costs of flying from some of the smaller airports can be expensive.  Another consideration is not all rental vehicle companies provide a one-way hire between some of the smaller airports, and the North and South Islands.

  • Coring of Greens

    On most courses this takes place some time in September or October.  Some courses do a secondary coring around April.

  • Accommodation Availability

    Accommodation can be at a premium from 25 December to the end of March, particularly in the main tourist centres.  We recommend planning in advance.

Although we specialise in New Zealand golf holidays, we can also organise non-golfing holidays within New Zealand.  Let us know your requirements and we will prepare a customised itinerary for you. Click here to enquire now.